Gearing Up For Football Season

If you don’t know this already, you haven’t been reading my blog long enough. But, I am a DIEHARD New York Giants fan. During football season, you will find me either at a bar or in front my tv screaming and cheering while the game is on. Do not talk to me unless it’s about the game or I will not respond. When the game’s on, I am locked in. So anyway, I’m sure you can gather how excited I am that the season is starting on time (minus preseason, obviously). If you’re ready to cheer on your team like I am, check out some of my favorite ways to rep my team all fall/winter long. If you’re a football fan, what team are you rooting for? Comment below! Go Giants!

Coffee Mug – Start gameday off right by drinking coffee from this travel mug. It keeps hot drinks warm and it’s so perfect for a tailgate (when we’re allowed to) too!

Barkley Onesies – I don’t have kids but you can bet your ass if I do this is what they will wear every Sunday.

Giants Phone Case: Ok I may or may not be a phone case hoarder but I have quite a few. I love to switch them out and how could I not when they have ones as cute as this?! Show your pride all year round.

Cozy Hoodie: If you’re watching the game at home (like I will be doing Monday night), I’m sure you’ll want to be as cozy as possible while still supporting your team. Nothing better than a big, oversized hoodie like this one!

Giants Jersey: You bet your ass I have a plethora of Giants’ jerseys and of course, I rep my boy Saquon. You can too with this beauty!

Paper Plates: I know you can’t have parties right now but if you plan to watch with your significant other, roommate, family or just a couple friends, make sure you have these handy.

Apple Watch Band: And for those of you who are diehard like me, you need this to show your pride daily.

ALL the Benefits of Working Out

While we’re all quarantined at home, stressed and anxious about the virus, there’s no better time to get motivated to work out. The benefits to working out regularly go way beyond losing weight, toning your muscles and having more energy. To quote a classic, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Or in this case, happy people don’t fight the people they live with. Which leads me to the first point.

Exercising boosts your mental health.

  • Even if it’s just walking! A recent study from Harvard School of Public Health found that walking for an hour or running for only 15 minutes per day reduces the risk of depression by 26%. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to get out and walk, it’s FREE.

Exercising increases your energy levels.

  • Along with boosting your mental health, working out can increase your energy levels. There are many studies that prove this, but I can give you first-hand experience. I always work out in the morning because after work I like to be lazy and hang on the couch/binge Bravo. I can tell a difference in my energy levels almost immediately (no matter how much caffeine I consume) if I don’t exercise before work. All day I’m lethargic, less alert and barely focused on what I’m trying to complete. Ya girl drinks A LOT of coffee per day and while it can help, it doesn’t provide the same energy and mental clarity that exercising in the morning does.

Exercising boosts your immune system.

  • There is a clear correlation between habitual exercise and a healthy immune system. Regular exercise training has an anti-inflammatory response (when done correctly) and most illnesses are a form of inflammation in the body. This article recommends high intensity interval training as a way to increase your heart rate but not increase stress levels, which in turn, can cause illness in the body as well.

Exercising can improve your mood.

  • Another one that I can attest to first hand. Whether you’re in a bad mood or just lacking motivation, getting your heart rate going can improve your mood almost instantly (although, I would say this depends on the workout you choose). If you don’t believe me, click here to read all about how regular exercise can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety plus increase serotonin levels.


Hopefully that provides some motivation (if you were lacking any) to focus on your fitness game. Do you have any tips that help you get moving? Leave them in the comments!




A Letter to Eli Manning

Dear Eli,

*No, I am not delusional enough to think he we will read this but just go with it, ok?

As I try to focus on putting my feelings into words, I am crying (I really can’t help it). While we all knew this day would come eventually, I think a lot of us were in denial it would actually happen. I mean the guy has played for 15 years with barely a scratch on him! He could probably play forever – take that TB12.

Anyway, recently, I was asked who my favorite New York Giant is. I knew my answer before I responded but, for fear it was too predictable, I thought about it for a minute, and then responded you, Eli Manning. You see, for me, you ARE the New York Football Giants. There has been no NYG without Eli – it’s all I remember. For the past 15 years, every Sunday during those beautiful 16 weeks of the year, you were there. Through good, bad and real damn ugly, you were there, always. All the thanks in the world followed by a Hall of Fame induction somehow doesn’t seem like enough. You’ve made us laugh, made us cry and also probably thrown some things, but have always proved to be the face of hope. Us New York Giants fans couldn’t have gotten luckier to have a quarterback like you. You’ve given us hope when we didn’t have it, shown us the true meaning of determination and will to win. You made people of all ages around the world cry with one single throw! I’ll never forget either Super Bowl (obviously), but growing up in New Jersey surrounded by Giants fans, we waited for these days for AWHILE and they were everything and more. And let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint, you didn’t disappoint. I look back on all the years with both frustration and fondness. The highs were high and the lows were low, but all in all, we got lucky. I can’t believe the time has come. It’s a bittersweet moment as we wave see you later (can’t say goodbye) to the greatest and try our hardest to look forward, to the New York Giants with a new quarterback, a new generation’s Eli. While you can’t be replaced, our hope is that he is even one quarter of the man and football player that you are.

Photo: @nygiants

So to you Eli, (again, aware he will probably not read this) thank you, 100 times over for everything – the good, the bad and the real damn ugly. Thank you for 15 seasons (!!!) of Sunday after Sunday of incredible throws and amazing wins. Thank you for teaching us what hope is, how we felt going into the Super Bowl playing the undefeated Patriots. Thank you for teaching us what a fearless leader looks like, that you’re always there no matter what the end of the game brought. Thank you for being a role model for everyone, not just kids, by teaching us all how to be professional, generous and loyal. Thank you for making football season more than anything we could have imagined. Thank you for showing up every Thursday, Sunday or Monday and putting your best foot forward no matter how tough it was. Thank you for being so much more than just a quarterback. Thank you for everything. You will be missed.


A diehard New York Giants fan



My Morning Routine

The morning is my favorite time of day. My morning routine is my favorite part of the day. It always entails: a workout, warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar, a shower and then my coffee. I am trying to meditate every day, although it doesn’t always happen (working on this). When I do meditate, it’s either a guided meditation in the form of a podcast or it’s me trying to do it on my own which means no phone, sitting and closing my eyes and focusing on all things good. I say positive affirmations (I am smart, I am strong, I am capable, I can handle anything that comes my way today, etc.)

So my morning typically goes like this. My alarm goes off between 6:10 and 6:30 depending on the day. If it’s a cardio day (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I’m up at 6:10 so I have time to wash and style my hair. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my sleep-til-6:30-day because it’s strength training day. I won’t go into my workout details but can in a separate post if anyone cares. I workout every workday for many reasons, but mostly because it makes it feel mentally and physically strong – strong enough to take on whatever my day entails.

After I workout, I pour my lemon and ACV drink and hop in the shower. Why do I drink this little cocktail in the morning? It has a lot of healthy and digestive benefits and once I got in the habit of it, I feel off if I don’t drink it. So now it’s a non-negotiable and something I always drink before coffee.

Benefits of Hot Water with Lemon & ACV:

  • Rich in Vitamin C to help boost immune system
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • Can help lower blood sugar levels
  • Keep healthy pH balance
  • Detoxify the liver
  • Can help prevent bones from becoming brittle
  • And more!

When I’m done getting ready, I start making my coffee. If you don’t know this by now, coffee is my favorite thing in the world and I’m a tired, grumpy monster if I don’t have it. So depending on the day and my level of tiredness, I either make coffee in my Ninja or espresso in my Nespresso. Sidebar: If you like espresso and don’t have a Nespresso machine you are missing out on a glorious part of life. Ok anyway if I’m making espresso it’s one of four flavors: Vanilla, Creme, Longo or Ristretto. If I’m making regular coffee, it’s always flavored. Today it’s milk chocolate peanut butter and it must always be hot. I cannot start a morning with ice coffee – for some reason I swear it doesn’t wake me up as much so I only drink iced in the afternoon. Anyway, in my coffee always goes non-dairy milk or creamer. Also a non-negotiable. Whether it’s creamer or milk, soy is my favorite but I try to only use it when I buy coffee, not make it. I always look for lower sugar options too and then the only other ingredient I add is cinnamon. Delicious.

Once my coffee’s made, my bags are packed and I’m out the door! The final, very important detail of my routine, is listening to either a podcast or a great playlist so I can enjoy the ride. What’s your morning routine?

Work Dressing in Summer

Does anyone feel like it’s so hard to dress appropriately for work in the summer? One minute you’re sweating in the parking lot and the next you’re freezing at your desk. So how do you look cute when you go from sweating to freezing in just minutes? Read on – I got you.

  • Layer, layer, layer. Packing a linen blazer, denim jacket or light sweater to wear once you get into the office is the perfect layer to keep you warm in a frigid office. Plus, you don’t have to wear it while you’re outside. Lightweight is key so look for fabrics like linen, cotton and cashmere.
  • Accessorize accordingly. Ever used a scarf as a blanket? Yup, me too. Why not do the same in the office? I have a few lightweight, colored and printed scarves that I wear to the office (or stash in my bag) and then either cover my legs or shoulders when I’m chilly at my desk.
  • Maxi dresses and skirts. If you’re not a fan of a maxi skirt, get on board. They cover everything (aka unshaven legs), they make you look taller and they’re comfortable. Plus you can wear flats with them. They’re a total win-win and an essential in your wardrobe whether it’s summer or winter.

How do you dress for the office in the summer? Any good tips? Let me know below!

How to Become a Morning Workout Person

The morning is my favorite time of day. It wasn’t always and it’s taken a few years for me to get here but now I can’t imagine my days any different. During the week, I always workout first thing when I wake up. I try to alternate between cardio (running) and strength training (light weights usually) and sometimes add in a day of yoga. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen many a stories of my morning runs but they’re just such a part of my day that I enjoy. Now, I know that’s not the case for most people, aside from the fact that it’s the morning and that it’s a workout, but I’m here to help! Below are my top tips on how to become a morning workout person (even if you don’t think you can!).

  • Set your clothes out the night before. When I say clothes, I mean EVERYTHING. Socks, headband, headphones, sneakers, sports bra, water, whatever it is you need before/during your workout so it’s all ready to go. I’m a freak and change my Apple watch band pretty much daily so I even leave my fitness rubber band out the night before or I change it so it’s just ready to go.
  • Plan your workout in advance. If you wake up with no clue what you’re doing, chances are, you’re not getting up. For me, I do cardio M-W-F (hair wash days) and either strength training or yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Taking a class? Sign up in advance. Going for a run outside? Check the weather. Being prepared and knowing what you’re doing will make it less overwhelming upon alarm screaming.
  • Go to bed early. This is probably the hardest part, but creating a nighttime routine will help. I drink herbal tea while I watch tv usually until about 9:30. Then I put on my salt lamp, put lotion on my hands and get in bed with my Kindle. Reading for at least 10 minutes always helps adjust my eyes from blue light and just makes me tired. Most of the time I can’t even read more than that because my eyes are closing. If you’re a night owl, try to go to bed 20-30 minutes earlier every night for a week and see how you do. Incorporate things like meditation, herbal teas or even CBD to help you wind down if you need it.
  • Set a realistic goal. Going from night owl to morning person isn’t going to happen overnight. And saying for the first week you’re going to wake up every day at 5am and to Barry’s Boot Camp may seem slightly ambitious and daunting. Start with one day at a time. Trying to get to bed early? Make a goal to do it once a week and stick with it. Did it? Good. Try two times a week, maybe three if you’re feeling it. But the way to achieve goals is to start small and start with things that are doable. Signing up for a morning workout class is a great way to start if you’re a group fitness person. Picking the sunniest day to run outside might be the best choice for you that week. By setting a goal of just starting with one thing will be rewarding when you complete it. It also will prove to yourself you can do it. Continue upon that path until you’re where you want to be.

Those are my top 4 tips! Got any you want to share? Sound off in the comments below!


What to do on Cape Cod

By now, you guys probably know that I am a total beach bum. My dream is to live in a beach house all year round so I can drink my coffee on my back deck overlooking the ocean. Don’t you dream of that too? I digress. Anyway, Cape Cod is one of the best places to enjoy the beach. Since I’ve been there quite a few times, I figured I’d share my favorite places on the Cape.


  • Sesuit Harbor Cafe: If you go to the Cape and do not have a lobster roll, you’re doing it wrong. Sesuit has the best fresh seafood and they have outdoor seating so get your food and enjoy it outdoors. Beware: it’s cash only and usually always crowded. Promise it’s worth it though.
  • Sundae School: Homemade ice cream. Nothing more you need to know. Also cash only.
  • Chapin’s: They have live music on the weekends and a great outdoor seating area so definitely outdoors!
  • Lobster Trap: Another place for amazing, fresh seafood.
  • Ocean House: If you want a fancier dinner in a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the ocean, this place is for you.
  • Red Cottage Restaurant: The CUTEST brunch place ever. It’s cash only and usually crowded so get there early but definitely wait it out. So good.
  • The Chart Room: Get a mudslide. Nothing else.


  • Mayflower Beach: A great beach to chill at.
  • Improper Bostonian: Live music and drunk people. It’s a blast.
  • The Beachcomber: Another super fun bar that’s partly outside and on the Wellfleet cliffs. Get a good tropical drink like a Painkiller.



Valentine’s Day Finds

Hi friends,

Happy Hump Day! We’re halfway through the week and I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Friday, I have my first blogger event with all the ladies from Bloggers Live Boston which I am so excited about – bubbles, blowouts, and new friends and I’m in! After that, B and I are driving down to NJ to see my fam, celebrate my Godson’s birthday and have my first dress fitting. It should be a good one to say the least. What are your weekend plans?

With V(G)alentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to share some good finds. Personally, I don’t love Valentine’s Day and think it’s kind of a dumb holiday. So for everyone else who hates it, I get it. However, I can get on board with chocolates, candy and a treat yoself day any time so I guess it’s not such a bad day after all. Here are some of my favorites that I’d love to gift or get!

Jewelry Favorites:

The Last Line Huggies – you guys I am so obsessed with these it’s not even funny. Dying to have them in all of my ear piercings.

BaubleBar Earrings – how cute!

Ring Concierge Necklace – my love ring is by her which I LOVE and basically love everything by her but how adorable is this rainbow necklace?


Heart Sleeve Sweater: Perfect for any time of year, but even more perfect for this week!

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 2.47.19 PM

Kate Spade Heart Sweater: This is SO adorable!

Pajama Set: If you follow my IG stories, you know I love a good pajama set and this one is no exception.

Stripe Pajama Set: Because I love stripes.

Fluffy Socks: I live in these all year round even though my apartment is carpeted. They are the most comfortable things ever.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.07.52 PM

Ski Fluffy Socks: Getting these because they’re adorable!!


Mourning Monday

Hi there friends,

I hope you had a great weekend! This weekend was so great – it involved a lot of eating, chill time and pampering. Saturday I got my facial and my skin felt great after. It’s always nice to have a full hour of mental and physical relaxation – but I always make sure to ask my esthetician a million questions because I find skincare so interesting. Anyone else? Sunday we went to a friend’s to watch the Super Bowl which was boring and miserable for everyone who’s not a Pats fan. Let’s just say I’m thrilled it’s over. Although the wings and pulled pork really were delicious, so I guess it could have been worse? Anyway, ready for the 2019 season – let’s go, Giants! How was your weekend? Doing anything fun? Let me know in the comments below!

New In – Earrings

Ok I warned you – 2019 is the year of the statement earring for me! Who else is on board?See below for the new pieces I added to my collection 🙂

Gold Hoops: A classic gold hoop is a must in every woman’s wardrobe – I love that they match everything. And these are hollow, so they’re super lightweight and won’t pull on your ear lobes.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 3.16.28 pm

Lucite Rainbow Earrings:

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 3.32.46 pm

Heart Earrings:

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 3.58.36 pm

Lucite Hoops:

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 4.05.17 pm


Another Favorite:

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 3.02.53 pm

I almost got these because I LOVE them, but decided I already got a new pair of rainbow earrings and really, how many do I need?